“ … An excellent and inspiring speaker for small and large audiences of various levels where he perfectly masters to attract the attention of participants using an interactive communication model complemented by real-life stories.”
Guido Henri Petit, PhD
Director of the Alcatel-Lucent Technical Academy (ALTA)
Chief Scientist Office, Bell Labs
Antwerp, Belgium
“… With all of the current focus on innovation, Steve’s message of creativity in large, bureaucratic organizations is timely and is essential to unlock innovation. It is obvious that he draws upon a wealth of experience for his talks. What makes Steve’s presentation most enjoyable is his style which is more of a dialogue with the audience rather than a lecture. “
Steven Gonzalez
Deputy Advanced Planning Office
NASA/Johnson Space Center
Houston, Texas
“… an extraordinarily talented orator who delivers his message with a rare combination of clarity and passion. His thought-provoking and differentiated perspectives on leadership have greatly influenced my approach to driving change.”
Fred Swaniker
Co-Founder, CEO, The African Leadership Academy
Johannesburg, South Africa
“ Steve focuses on the behaviors required to change culture and improve team performance. He brings a wealth of experience and insight but is very practical and focused. … I find myself constantly referring to insights gained at his workshop.”
Briggs Morrison, Senior Vice President
New York City
“…Observant around behaviors, and providing feedback rather than more bookish “theoretical” discussion of expected behaviors, Steve brings together experience from a wide range of organizations…”
Merv Turner
Chief Strategy Officer
Merck & Co
“I was thoroughly impressed by Steve’s presentation and facilitation at Medtronic on ‘The Politics of Creativity’. His presentation was attended by a broad spectrum of engineers, scientists and managers from multiple Medtronic business units. From the outset of Steve’s presentation, I was immediately impressed with his rapport with the audience and his fluency with leading the discussion as a subject matter expert, yet drawing from the collective experiences of the audience.”
John A. Walker, PhD
Senior Engineering Manager
Combination Device-Drug Therapies
Medtronic Cardiac Rhythm Disease Management
“I recently had the opportunity to hear Steve Boehlke speak on ‘Breaking the Rules with Integrity’. I along with others in the audience was captivated by his message. Steve has an uncanny way of drawing in an audience and turning a ‘speech’ into a dialogue. Steve is a gifted story-teller and pushes his audience to challenge themselves and the status quo. If you have the opportunity to participate in one of Steve’s workshops, I highly recommend it.”
Scott Grausnick
Harbinger Partners

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