SpiritLead is an adventure in practicing presence.

It is a journey with others who seek to be more intentional about being attentive.

SpiritLead is a process not a program for which you help draw the learning map.

The work of SpiritLead is grounded in the experience of community.

SpiritLead enlivens leaders and the organizations they serve.

Our mission:
To offer mutual support and guidance in tracking the inner journey of the leader.

For the professional who aspires to more dynamic leadership, the question sooner or later arises, “What inspires?”  Only as we respond to that question ourselves do we gain insight into the possibilities for enlivening and empowering others.  Ultimately that question pushes us to deal with what sustains and nurtures us, what keeps us on track while navigating uncharted waters or turbulent storms. 

Whether reaching for a deeper sense of meaning and purpose or seeking a more defining anchor in the midst of uncertainty and doubt, we support one another in articulating what often seems inexpressible.

  We offer an invitation to reflect on one’s inner journey, sharing defining milestones or stepping stones. Further opportunity for interacting with others, convening remotely on a monthly basis follows. Resources and prompts for mapping and discussing the journey with others are also provided.

A Pathway Called


a guide for the journey

The steps below are based on prior experience and the current engagement of a group of individuals striving to be more present to self and others.  Our intent is to foster authentic community that is mutually supportive of one another’s inner or spiritual journey – whatever one may choose to call it.  We believe that attending to the inner journey is an essential element of any leader’s continuing growth and development.

  1. Read The Living Presence by Kabir Helminski.
  2. Discuss Chapter #10 “Care of the Soul” in The Living Presence with someone you trust.
  3. Reflect upon and document “Ten Stepping Stones” of your inner journey that have brought you to this time and place.
  4. Schedule a time for sharing your “Ten Stepping Stones’ with at least two others who are already participating in SpiritLead monthly conversations.
  5. Read the essay by Mary Catherine Bateson, “Composing a Life”.
  6. Commit to six monthly SpiritLead meetings (zoom call).
  7. Complete SpiritLead Learning Map with guidance and support from SpiritLead “peer coach”.
  8. Participate in “Necessity of Empty Spaces” Retreat.  Note: prior steps and progression not required to participate in “…Empty Spaces” retreat.
  9. Commit to one or more intentions or disciplines to encourage and sustain the inner journey.

SpiritLead is especially appropriate for someone who:

  • Chooses to be attentive to life as it is experienced rather than seeking always to control it;
  • Values companionship in dealing with the wonders and mysteries of life;
  • Recognizes that not everything can be explained; ambiguity is tolerated;
  • Believes that personal commitments and professional responsibilities are inextricably related;
  • Seeks personal empowerment and new energy to enliven others;
  • Acknowledges the presence of or the longing for something more – a Higher Power or Purpose – as real and personal.

If you resonate with our intent and are curious about where this might lead, we’d be glad to talk with you.