Leadership Development

Steve is currently working with several partners on designing and implementing a new resource for aspiring as well as established leaders:

Finding Your Moving Center:
a learning platform to ground and sustain the leader

Finding Your Moving Center offers self-directed as well as guided inquiry into the dynamic and often unpredictable nature of leading in today’s VUCA environment (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous).  Like a rapidly spinning gyroscope, leaders need to stabilize themselves more than ever while in perpetual motion.  We invite exploration from the inside out of the leader’s character, purpose, and power.

We do not give answers; we will challenge you to ask deeper, more powerful questions. 

We will not tell you how or where to stand; we will inquire and provoke as to how and where you are moving in life and why. 

The whirlpool of your life will become both more serene and more powerful. 

Curious?  Great!  So are we as we continue to embrace our moving center. For updates on our progress sign up here.

Professional Services

  • Workshops

    Prism- Breaking the rules with integrityWhether striving to solidify a team or challenging individuals to lead more courageously, Steve is adept and skilled in facilitating workshops and retreats. He loves working with groups and is good at it! An astute observer of group behavior as well as a master at interactive learning activities, he brings a balance of personal wisdom and practical experience to his workshop leadership.
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  • Consulting

    Prism- Breaking the rules with integritySince establishing it in 1987, the consulting practice has grown and flourished with the collaboration of a diverse group of professional colleagues and associates across the years. While striving to encourage and support leaders in diverse businesses and industries, SFB Associates has maintained a commitment to challenging individuals to authentic and creative leadership practices in the workplace and beyond.
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  • Speaking

    Gyroscope- Find your moving centerFor over two decades Steve has worked side by side with top corporate leaders, helping to shape individual, team and organizational leadership behaviors. He has developed a method for unleashing creative potential by uncovering blind spots and addressing the politics and pot-holes that lie just beneath the surface of every organization’s processes and procedures.
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