Whether striving to solidify a team or challenging individuals to lead more courageously, Steve is adept and skilled in facilitating workshops and retreats. He loves working with groups and is good at it! An astute observer of group behavior as well as a master at interactive learning activities, he brings a balance of personal wisdom and practical experience to his workshop leadership.

  • The Politics of Creativity

    Just beneath the surface of every organizations lurks a swamp of inter-personal, cross-functional, often de-motivating and counter-productive interactions. No one talks about it, at least not publicly. But politics exists in every organization, for better or worse. Leaders need to embrace this as a social reality, honing political skills to build trust and generate commitment beyond compliance.
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  • The Necessity of Empty Spaces

    Leaders who want to release the full potential of others create room for them to breathe. They know how to open up space, not just fill it up. Slowing down to go far, taking “time out” in order to be more engaged, choosing to stop and think rather than just keep on keeping on – these practices are counter-intuitive for those caught in a “performance trap”. Fear and anxiety often prompt even more relentless activity, not less.
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  • Dare to Become the Leader You Are

    Anyone can make a difference. As such anyone can lead.But not everyone chooses to. In his recent book 50 Lessons on Leading for Those with Little Time for Reading Steve
    Boehlke masterfully brings together simple, yet poignant leadership lessons – lessons that cause readers to pause and consider their own leadership.
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  • Disciplined Inquiry

    Most of us are trained to effectively advocate and defend our positions. However, failure to balance advocacy and inquiry can produce disastrous results. Leadership is as much or more about the questions you ask as any answers you may have. If you are always advocating what you value, others will not value you as much.
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    Disciplined Inquiry

  • Executive Retreats

    Sometimes it takes getting away from it all to really get down to business. This is especially true when facing a new challenge that warrants more rigorous focus than usual. Or when a new or different group dynamic is desired, if not essential. Steve has designed and facilitated executive retreats for senior leaders from Abbott Labs, Bank of Montreal, Cargill, ExxonMobil, HP, and Merck & Co, among others. He has also worked with smaller high tech companies, start-up businesses, and professional firms as well as non-profit organizations.
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    Executive Retreats

  • Custom Workshop

    Steve thrives on partnering with others to define distinctive themes and engaging activities to energize and inspire leaders, drawing upon his extensive experience across industry. Steve and his staff are more than willing to work with you and your team to adapt or customize their standard workshops. OR, they will start from scratch to scope and design a high-impact event suitable for your unique objectives.

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    Custom Workshops


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