The Politics of Creativity

> Do “power-plays” wreak havoc with your productivity?
> Does the pressure to innovate stifle your creativity?

Just beneath the surface of every organization lurks a swamp of inter-personal, cross-functional, often de-motivating and counter-productive interactions. No one talks about it, at least not publicly. But politics exists in every organization, for better or worse. Leaders need to embrace this as a social reality, honing political skills to build trust and generate commitment beyond compliance.

Steve helps leaders identify and disarm inhibitors to creativity and innovation that are seldom addressed with the usual processes and programs. He draws on first-hand knowledge from working with talented professionals in R&D organizations as well as others passionate about their purpose.

>>His research has identified four specific domains for inquiry and action where new energy and deeper engagement can be realized:

  • Pacing Productivity – assessing performance stressers and motivators
  • Capitalizing on Failure – fostering a more robust learning environment
  • Managing Connections – building vital relationships within expanding networks
  • Paying the Price – balancing the risks and rewards of being “different”
  • Steve explores leadership effectiveness in each of these domains by identifying personal as well as cultural barriers that inhibit creative expression and innovative productivity. In doing so, you will:

    • Increase your political aptitude to handle difficult relationships.
    • Evaluate unspoken rules which shape behavior and define culture.
    • Restore trust where power and control dominate.
    • Release new energy to motivate, if not inspire, people with passion
    • Exercise innovative leadership by breaking the rules with integrity.

    Leaders, regardless of position, can promote the responsible use of power and the powerful use of passion to achieve unimagined results. This is a political skill. It can make all the difference between a breakthrough and breakdown.

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