Steve Boehlke is not your typical speaker and when you hear him you may not be able to be a typical listener. Steve will engage you in the conversation, stretch your imagination, and move you outside your comfort zone. As one recent session participant put it: “He will help you gently shake up the status quo”.

For over two decades Steve has worked side by side with top corporate leaders, helping to shape individual, team and organizational leadership behaviors. “Steve focuses on the behaviors required to change culture and improve performance. He brings a wealth of experience and insight but is very practical.” He has developed a method for unleashing creative potential by uncovering blind spots and addressing the politics and pot-holes that lie just beneath the surface of every organization’s processes and procedures.

Steve blends the passionate voice of a former youth leader with an edgy sense of business to deliver a message loaded with depth and insight. Grounded in the guiding principle that the leader is within you, Steve’s message on leadership will be relevant whether you are a senior leader of a Fortune ranked organization or an aspiring student bound for greatness.

  • Finding Your Moving Center

    Have you ever been in a meeting that is going nowhere fast? The discussion recycles again and again; little or nothing is being accomplished; most everyone is surreptitiously checking their Blackberries; and no one seems to care. This all-too-familiar scenario epitomizes a group or a team not knowing where the center of their attention and engagement should be.
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  • Breaking the Rules With Integrity

    Steve Jobs broke the “rules” with the design of the iPod and iTunes. Rosa Parks broke the “rules” by refusing to move to the back of the bus. A first-line supervisor at a Chemical Plant broke the “rules” when he violated established procedures in order to avoid contaminating a nearby watershed. Those who lead with integrity instinctively know when to leap barriers others see as insurmountable…
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“Steve is a natural communicator and has the enviable gift of being able to translate his wealth of experience into useful information for others.”

“Steve’s message gave me the freedom to try new things.”

“He asks tough questions in an engaging and powerful way!”

“What makes Steve’s presentation most enjoyable is his style which is more a dialogue with the audience rather than a lecture.”

“I now have a way to sort through and confront the politics within my organization.”

Recent audiences he has addressed include:
The American Astronautical Society – “Breaking the Rules with Integrity”
Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs Technical Academy – “The Politics of Creativity”
African Leadership Academy – “Dare to Become the Leader You Are”
International R&D Management Conference, Taipei – “The Politics of Creativity”
Medtronic Global Technical Forum – “The Politics of Creativity”
European Conference on Innovation and Creativity – “The Politics of Creativity”
The National Eagle Leadership Institute – “Finding Your Moving Center”

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