Finding Your Moving Center

“Give me a place to stand and I can change the world.”

– Archimedes

Have you ever been in a meeting that is going nowhere fast? The discussion recycles again and again; little or nothing is being accomplished; most everyone is surreptitiously checking their Blackberries; and no one seems to care. This all-too-familiar scenario epitomizes a group or a team not knowing where the center of their attention and engagement should be.

Steve Boehlke is astute and resourceful in helping others find their way when “stuck” even though moving fast – whether needing a more strategic shared vision, better team alignment, or more personal courage. Through engaging stories and lively anecdotes gleaned from years of experience supporting leaders in diverse settings around the world, he prompts you to pause and “breathe” even while while challenging you to keep moving.

Not unlike a gyroscope, which fulfills its function through an odd combination of motion and stillness, leaders today must navigate with great agility as well as stability.

Steve speaks to what is required to lead influentially in a world of constant change:

  • Essential balance – holding steady while juggling multiple demands
  • High reliability – managing uncertainty while generating loyalty
  • Incredible synthesis – integrating contradictory positions and conflicting points of view

Abundant contradictions increasingly characterize our shrinking world. Follow the required curriculum AND motivate. Deliver short-term results AND innovate. Embrace diversity AND consolidate. An essential but often missing leadership competency is the ability to engage with rapidly emerging challenges or perplexing dilemmas without having a preconceived solution.

Exemplify how to lead with integrity despite the contradictions at play in your world.
Demonstrate dynamic stability.

Find your moving center and lead from it!

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