SFB Associates

A Message From the Founder

SFB Associates, Inc. has delivered leadership development consulting services for some 30 years now. Since establishing it in 1987, the consulting practice has grown and flourished with the collaboration of a diverse group of professional colleagues and associates across the years. While striving to encourage and support leaders in diverse businesses and industries, SFB Associates has maintained a commitment to challenging individuals to authentic and creative leadership practices in the workplace and beyond.

Some highlights and unexpected manifestations of our work across the years have included:

  • Post-Merger Integration of executive leadership teams of several large multinational corporations
  • SpiritLead – an alternative exploration of spirit at work
  • Under the Radar Workshops for R&D Leaders
  • “Politics of Creativity” – research and workshops on innovative leadership in R&D and beyond
  • Necessity of Empty Spaces Retreats – an occasional change of pace
  • “50 Lessons on Leading for Those with Little Time for Reading” – a small compendium of learning

With appreciation and gratitude for the opportunities to serve clients in diverse contexts and locales, whether Palo Alto, Warsaw, Seoul, Mumbai, Houston, Amsterdam, New York, Shanghai, or Minneapolis – the path of my work for some years now has led to the continent of Africa.

My priority going forward is a commitment to cultivating leadership development professionals on the continent of Africa. I will continue to work as part of the African Leadership Group in support of its mission to develop the next generation of African leaders.

I am open to other occasional opportunities for leadership coaching and consulting even as I my work with African Leadership Group continues to expand.

With acknowledgment of the continual challenges of leadership, I remain grateful for the relationships and accomplishments we’ve shared across the years.

Steve Boehlke
President, SFB Associates, Inc.