The Necessity of
Empty Spaces

{ 4-Day Retreat with Steve Boehlke }

By emptying we create openings for
the unexpected and unimagined.

Join Steve Boehlke and others in the desert. The purpose of this retreat is for you to achieve a more powerful presence in the world by finding and using empty space more creatively.

Explore with others:
the signs of emptiness the fear of emptiness
the call of emptiness the fullness of emptiness

The group will engage in Disciplined Inquiry™, a methodology which Steve has used extensively in his leadership consulting work across the years. Participants are invited to identify and carry with them to the desert a specific personal or professional dilemma for which they seek new insight and understanding. Disciplined Inquiry™ draws upon the Quaker tradition of the “clearness committee” – working as a group using questions and silence to access new wisdom and discernment.

Our purpose is to understand and experience more fully how "empty space" can have a positive impact upon vocational goals and personal ambitions. We need to recognize it, allow for it, create it.

“I’m the typical 'type-a' person who overcommits, overbooks and consistently overextends. The four days provided me with much needed rest, reflection and a process of 'emptying' that was unexpected.

As I embraced the physical space, with the help of the group (and Disciplined Inquiry), I also embraced newfound space in my mind. This was evident to me as my quality of sleep (and dreams) shifted during the course of the retreat. … The process of emptying left me feeling full. And at ease..”

- Scott Murphy, Chief Talent Officer, Ogilvy & Mather, NYC, participant in the Arizona retreat

Steve Boehlke

Steve Boehlke

For those unfamiliar with my work, across the past 25 years I have facilitated many executive off-sites and leadership retreats as part of my global leadership development consulting practice. More recently in my expanding role as Senior Advisor to the African Leadership Group, I am committed to equipping aspiring young leaders to serve globally in Africa and beyond. Twenty years ago (1996), I convened several similar retreats in the Mojave Desert for individual members of client organizations. It was exhilarating and motivating in ways I had not anticipated. I’ve been feeling a relentless nudge to invite others to join me once again in the desert; the invitation is open to anyone who has been a part of my journey along the way, or is curious to explore “empty” together..