Pace + Perseverance = Performance (not!)

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The inadequacy of this equation is self evident when written on the page. But in the workplace today the speed with which one is moving combined with the effort to keep in motion, regardless of what purpose or passion may be fueling the effort, equates to performance.

Call centers handle a higher volume of customer inquiries than ever, but navigating the automated menus as a frustrated consumer is a shear waste of time. A Google search generates required information faster than ever, but time to think and reflect is scarce. A respected leader whom I “follow” is on “retreat”; I receive hourly tweets which update anyone who will follow his attempt to take a “time out”.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Some new performance equations are urgently needed!

One response to “Pace + Perseverance = Performance (not!)”

  1. Tom says:

    It might not be an equation but a saying we try and internalize is 'It's never enough, but it's always ok". It recognizes the ceaseless pressure we feel to produce in organizations and a recognition that we need to accept that it is impossible to deliever on that pressure and that has to be ok.

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